Simon Rishton - freelance vision engineer

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Coronation Street

img_0400It has been a busy few weeks on the Street, what with the explosion and tram crash, then the live episode for the 50th anniversary.  I didn't work directly on the live episode, but did quite a lot on the big tram crash and its immediate aftermath.  It was a privilege to work with the director Graeme Harper - he's an effects specialist, best known for making some of the best episodes of Dr Who, and is a really nice chap.

As I said, I didn't work on the live episode, but I was one of the 14.5 million who watched it.  I must say I was impressed by how well it all went.  You really couldn't tell that it was live at all - so what was the point...?  Well, it has certainly left the whole cast and crew buzzing with enthusiasm for the next few weeks.